Delicious. Somewhat nutritious. What else do you see at my unfussed table?

Abundant blessings as my daughter knows how to bless. Many options. A grateful of this, a gobble of that.

Leftovers. Gifts that keep giving.

A Paris ornament my other daughter found at the store. A prompt to pray. Keep praying. The city struck. Future cities. Strikes thwarted. Lives saved. By the name above all names.

Power of prayer. Use it. You may never know the results this side of heaven, but pray, even so. In Jesus’ name…

Do you know Him; is He your Savior and Lord?

A rag. All our works are as filthy rags. Anything good in me is put there and accomplished by Him.

Salt. What good are we if we lose our saltiness?

Lemon cheesecake. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin cheesecake. Pecan pie, minus the pecans.

What was at your table on Thanksgiving? What is your dessert of choice?

Earthquakes, Politics, Soundbytes,… Thanksgiving

20151105_194719It’s easy to get distracted away from all that is important to the heart that we forget to take notice or be thankful… What are you thankful for?  Big or small,…

I am thankful for my family, friends and to live in America.  I’m grateful for the Word of God and for the gift of salvation.  I’m ever-thankful for my daily cuppa joe. :D



Photo of the Month from a couple of years ago…

A nice batch of photos.

You may see another project (and then some) I did several years ago.  A photo-a-day for one year.  I hope you enjoy them.  Source: Photo of the Month

I don’t know when (or if) I will compile pictures for such a long and committed duration.  I post a lot on Facebook and Instagram presently… That is ‘where I’m at’ with photos at this time.

How about you?