Is Bible prophecy relevant for our troubled times? (7 videos from a seminar I co-taught with Anne Graham Lotz on Bible prophecy.)


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BookofJoel-video(Washington, D.C.) — Last October, President Obama gave an interesting speech in New York City. At one point in his remarks, the President said, “[T]here’s a sense…that the world is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it.”

Events are moving fast — here at home and around the globe. The world does seem to be spinning out of control. Economically, socially, geopolitically, environmentally, we just keep experiencing one trauma after another, and no one seems to know what to do.

Yesterday, I wrote a column that raised this critical question: “Is America heading for a terrible implosion or a great awakening?”Specifically, I noted that “the United States is hurtling towards severe trouble, and the events of the past few months — and what may be coming over the next few months — grieves me a great deal. Something is coming. I don’t know what. But we all must…

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Supreme Court, Marriage and Me

Dignity isn’t realized in a man-defined alternative to marriage or in sexual expression, but in that God ascribed it when He created us in His image.

Marriage. Truth.

Since creation God’s design for marriage has been one man, one woman. It hasn’t changed. States can’t change God’s design, but they can rebel against it; and so can people.

As you may already know, I do not recognize in my heart or mind alternatives to God’s design as marriage, regardless of the Supreme Court.

But, as a Christian I’m called to love people.  May God help me when I am scorned for refusing to change my value system to accommodate a lifestyle.  “Love is patient and kind…”  Parents perhaps realize  best that loving someone doesn’t require you to agree with them or acknowledge that what they are doing is right.

God provides a way when there is no way-