El Elyon

The next name of God from the study and in my song is El Elyon.

El Elyon is God, sovereign over all. He is the ruler of all. He is in charge- of everything! This is good, indeed, for if God was not sovereign, our lives would be lost and devoid of promise/purpose, awash to randomness- rather than His awesome master plan. It is good that God is in total control. He reigns supreme, even when we have failed miserably.

Do you ever feel out of control or that the world is chaotic and you are lost in the abyss? It is good to realize that nothing is out of God’s grasp and that He imposes limits on what seems like the crazy world we live in and/or the circumstances we find ourselves in- even when they are self-contributing or self-caused. He remains in control of all things, even when our lives are spinning out-of-control. We are not mere victims of circumstance, nor are we in the hands of fate, the world, another person or the devil. In essence, He calls the shots. Yes, we have free will. Yes, He is in control. Completely. Ponder that.
Do you ever have plans and feel like they have been washed to sea? Perhaps you failed or someone failed you- or, maybe you just fail to get out of bed in the morning and cannot even jump-start your plans?! Rest assured the God who sees (El Roi) is sovereign, has dominion, has control and rules- despite it all- and nothing can alter His divine plan. Ask Him what His plan is for you and wait for Him to reveal it to you. He may well begin by revealing Himself to you!

That gives so much to think about and rest in, doesn’t it? If we’d simply submit to Him, and trust. (You know, I am speaking to myself, too. This is a review for me of a study I greatly respect and benefited from. Hopefully, right now, we will benefit together.)

El Elyon, the Most High. Our sovereign God.

Song of Liberty.”

Since it is President’s Day here in the states…

A couple of things for your viewing pleasure; hoping to give you a smile.

What adorns your table?


I saw this beautiful little bouquet…

Many times- most of the time, rather- our table is littered with dishes, meal after meal, with some mail and vitamin bottles and/or medications off to the side, usually along with something in the middle to make it pretty, whether it be a flower or a candle or a bowl of fruit… I, of course, like it best when it is cleared off so that the focus is easier put on the beauty and not the chaos…

How do you like to set your table?  How is your table adorned?