An important excerpt from an email from Christians for Trump:

“This year’s critical election revolves around 4 core principles:  Supreme Court JusticesReligious LibertyDefense of the unbornSupport for Israel Only one team can say yes to all of those: Trump/Pence. Please pray for this election and our nation and its leaders. Psalm 33:12 “’Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.’” 

Have you heard that Israeli leaders are urging Jews to read through the entire Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter? Amazing, but true. Here’s the latest.

Originally posted on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog:
(Central Israel) — You probably haven’t heard this in the mainstream media, but Israel’s most senior leaders are urging the Jewish people to read through the Bible, the whole Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter. Can you imagine President Obama or any other U.S. leader calling on American people to read through the Bible?…